5 Tips To Help You Have A Good Mindset

French health magazine TOPSANTE offers five tips on the use of positive psychology and intervention expert Sarah Allart on how to develop a good mental attitude.


1.Comfort yourself
When depressed, treat yourself as a friend, listen to your troubles, give yourself a hug, comfort yourself and regulate yourself. This may sound simple or even naive, but it’s actually quite effective in improving mental health over the long term.

2.Connect with your heart
Ask yourself a few questions each morning: how am I feeling? Am I stressed or anxious? What do I want most? What can I do for myself? What are my goals for the day? Knowing what’s on your mind naturally leads you to do what you want and spend more time making yourself happy.


3. Believe in yourself
Constantly thinking “I can’t” or “I don’t deserve” creates fear and anxiety. When faced with difficulties, you should rationally look for positive aspects of things, and then take actions to strengthen your self-confidence and positive beliefs.

4. Tell yourself it’s over

When a negative emotion strikes, you should face it rationally and mentally tell yourself that it will pass. This will help you stay rational and respond appropriately. In addition, meditation training can help better deal with negative emotions.


5.Accept imperfections
Perfectionism is prone to anxiety, disappointment, depression and exhaustion, says Tal ben-shahar, a prominent harvard happiness professor. So he advocates “learning imperfection”, a healthier, more positive optimism: learning from failure, celebrating every small achievement; Give in appropriately and don’t be hard on yourself or others.