A Man In The United States Climbed 15 Floors To Save His Mother

A man with an injured hip climbed 15 floors of a 19-story building in west Philadelphia last week to save his mother from a bed.

The man’s name was Jermaine, CNN reported. He said that on the night of the fire, he received a call from his sister that their mother’s apartment building was on fire and she was trapped in her home. Jermaine, who arrived at the scene, tried to enter the building through the front door but was stopped by police. Jermaine said he had broken his hip on a flight of stairs that day, but was “adrenaline pumping” and had decided to use wire cutters to climb up the balcony outside the building for his mother’s sake.


Jermaine said he was more worried about his mother than his own safety. “She can’t get out of bed or walk around, so if there’s a fire, she can’t get out on her own.” When jermaine arrived at his mother’s house, she was shocked but unharmed. Thankfully, the fire is under control. Jermaine then “climbed down in the same way” with ease and was filmed as video and posted online, causing a stir.

Seven people, including firefighters, were hospitalized for smoke inhalation after the fire, which was reportedly started by a waste compactor. The Philadelphia police department said it had no information about jermaine to make public because no crime was committed. Jermaine thanked police and said they were aware of the situation. “They understood that my mother was up there, and I thought she was going to die — under those circumstances, anyone would do anything.”