An American Man Has Died On Tape After Losing About 200 Pounds

Robert Buchel, from New Jersey, was cast in my 600-pound life on TLC after losing a whopping 764 pounds following a lymphedema operation. Robert was about to undergo a second weight-loss operation, but he died last November after suffering a cardiac arrest while filming the series.


Robert said he woke up every morning happy and shocked to be alive. He also said in the recording that I have to face the burden of weight, physical exertion, as well as mental and emotional burden. I was in pain and felt like I couldn’t live another second.


Shortly after Robert’s death, TLC officials explained the cause of his death. Robert, who had lost 197 kilograms through surgery, suffered from depression caused by his addiction to painkillers, and then stopped exercising, causing his heart to go into cardiac arrest. However, the station’s claims have not been confirmed.


Robert and his fiancee had planned a fairy-tale wedding at Walt Disney world this year, and then planned to have children. “I have lost the love of my life, my best friend, my closest confidant,” his fiancee said online after his death. Now my heart is dead with him. Many netizens left messages consoling her and hoping that she could overcome the difficulties.