Boris Johnson Took Over As British Prime Minister

In June 2016, after Britain’s democratic vote to leave the European Union, the then prime minister David Cameron announced his resignation. At the time, Britain desperately needed a leader who could unite the factions, implement the will of the people and lead Britain out of the eu. Back then, Boris Johnson was the favorite. However, he failed to win, and a month after the referendum Theresa may was sworn in as prime minister with the mandate to leave the European Union. But Theresa may was not able to complete the task. The brexit date has been postponed and there is a divided parliament. Theresa may left in tears, and this time, Boris Johnson got his way.


Born in New York in 1964, Boris Johnson grew up with dual American and British citizenship. He grew up in England with his mother. He went to the world-famous eton school and went to Oxford University. A former mayor of London and foreign secretary, he likes to hold the patriotic flag high, but only reluctantly gave up his American citizenship three years ago. During his years as mayor of London, he was known for his maverick ways. He wore a “restless blond hair” to travel around the world to promote London; To promote cycling, he often rides his own bike to and from work, encouraging others to follow suit.

During the London Olympics, he took part in a celebration of Britain’s first Olympic gold medal. He tried a rope with the union jack in his hand, but was unable to get out of the air for several minutes because of equipment problems.

Many have described Boris as Mr Trump’s twin brother because of his blond hair and casual behaviour. At the Olympic flag ceremony in London, Boris, with his shaggy hair and wide-open suit, was mocked by the British as “losing all the manners of the British gentry.”


Boris may be seen by many as a “different” elite, but he is proud of his love life. His first wife was the most beautiful girl in her class, and they married right after graduation. However, after six years of marriage, Boris had an affair with wheeler, the crown’s legal adviser, whom he married in 1993. A few years later, however, it emerged that Boris was cheating again. Wheeler was also unkind to the philandering husband, twice throwing him out of the house. The couple announced their divorce plans in a personal statement last September, but have yet to take concrete action. Boris Johnson, 55, has been battling for the prime minister’s job at no 10 downing street this year while simultaneously divorcing a new wife more than 20 years his junior.

Aside from his personal life, he is also a bit of a fickle figure when it comes to whether Britain should leave the European Union. The Times picked up an article he had written in February 2016, which said that “Britain’s membership of the eu is good for the world and for Europe.” Within weeks, however, he had become a staunch brexiter as the mood at home changed.


Some believe that he won the election as prime minister by supporting brexit from the very beginning. However, whether he can lead the UK out of the “brexit” situation, which has lasted for more than three years, remains to be seen.