Cancer Linked To Breast Implants Has Killed 33 People

In march, the FDA said bia-alcl was most likely caused by textured breast filler, which has a suede coating. But at the time, the agency did not remove the fillings from the market, saying it wanted to continue studying the disease and tracking cases. It is estimated that about one-tenth of the 400,000 women in the United States who receive breast implants each year have textured implants.


Allergan, a maker of breast implants, was told by the FDA on July 24th to recall its textured implants. The FDA found that the risk of cancer associated with these products was significantly higher than that associated with other products. On July 24, the FDA also updated the number of bibia -ALCL cases worldwide to 573. Of these cases, 481 were attributed to Allergan, and 33 women died.

Dr. Amy Abernethy, FDA’s chief deputy commissioner, said in a statement. While the overall incidence of anaplastic large cell lymphoma bibia -ALCL appears to be relatively low, the FDA acted to alert companies to new evidence once it became clear that a particular manufacturer’s product appeared to be directly associated with significant injury to patients, including death. A recall is necessary to protect women’s health.”

An FDA analysis found that the risk of bibia -ALCL using Allergan’s texture filler was about six times higher than the cancer risk associated with other manufacturers’ texture filler in the U.S. market.


The FDA does not recommend removal of textured breast fillings in women who do not have symptoms. Symptoms of BIA-ALCL include swelling, pain and skin irritation. Women’s health advocate Diana Zuckerman said the recall was a “very important step” in reducing this type of lymphoma.

“This recall will reduce the risk, but it will not eliminate it because not all women with bibia -ALCL have these specific types of fillers,” said Dr. Zuckerman, President of the national center for health research, in a statement.