China’s Li Na Has Been Inducted Into The International Tennis Hall Of Fame

The international tennis hall of fame was founded in 1954 in Newport, Rhode Island, and currently attracts more than 250 people from more than 20 countries and regions who have made outstanding contributions to the tennis cause. Entering the international tennis hall of fame is the highest honor in the tennis world, representing not only outstanding achievements, but also outstanding contributions in the history of world tennis.


According to the selection rules, players are not eligible to be inducted into the hall of fame until five years after retirement. The official voting panel is made up of journalists, historians, hall of famers and other experts, and candidates must receive 75 percent of the vote to be selected.

Unlike in the past, fans from all over the world were also invited to vote this year, and li na topped the global online fan poll.

Retired Chinese tennis star li na was inducted into the international tennis hall of fame Monday night in Rhode Island, becoming the first Chinese or even Asian player to be inducted into the hall. France’s Paul Pierce and Russia’s mikhail kafernikov were also inducted into the international tennis hall of fame.

The hall of fame said in a statement that the admission of two-time grand slam champion li na, who was once ranked no. 2 in the world, was due not only to her record, but also to her love of the sport and her role in nurturing and inspiring young people.


Li has won nine WTA singles titles in her career, including two grand slam titles. At its peak it reached number two in the world rankings. “It’s the biggest affirmation of an athlete’s career. You know, you don’t have to win a grand slam to get into the hall of fame, you have to contribute to the program. I will serve tennis better with the 254 people already in the hall of fame.” “Thanks to my fans for their support,” li said.

Although she has retired from tennis, li na has been contributing her strength in and out of tennis events. Her agent team also continues to help Ms. Li push her plans. After retiring, li na devoted herself to the development of junior tennis. Li said that the first stage of life is over, and the next stage is to help more children who love tennis pick up the racket. “My dream is to open an online school, but not on the premise of training champions,” she said.