Only 200 Grams! Premature Birth “The World’s Smallest Baby” Successfully Survived And Went Home

The American baby girl, Sabi, who weighed only 243.8 grams at birth, was admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital in San Diego, California. After 5 months of hospitalization, Sebbi reached 2540 grams and was able to go home. Sabi is thus the world’s smallest surviving baby recorded on the “Minimum Infant Registration” website.


In December 2018, Sabi’s mother was born at the Sharp-Mary-Berch Women and Children Hospital in San Diego, 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Sebbi was the equivalent of a big apple at the time. The British “Daily Mail” quoted Paul Wozniak, director of the neonatal intensive care unit, on the 29th, saying that Sabi was born less than the doctor’s estimate, but “the heartbeat is strong, (per minute) more than 100 times; and, Fortunately, we were able to insert her into the breathing tube.” “We tried to measure her weight, but the instrument did not show it. We later learned that the instrument does not record when the baby weighs less than 300 grams.”

The doctor confirmed that she was in a stable condition and immediately sent her to the intensive care unit for five months. Her medical team named her “Serby.” Preterm infants will encounter more problems after birth than full-term children. Wozniak said that although Sabi was “weak” after birth, there was no cerebral hemorrhage or infection.

This month, Sabi’s weight increased to 2,540 grams, and the hospital agreed to let her go home.

According to data from the “Minimum Infant Registration” website managed by the University of Iowa, Sebbi is currently the world’s smallest surviving baby. The previous record was set by a German baby girl in 2015 and weighed 252 grams at birth.