Sun Yang Responded To The World Tour Controversy: “I Don’t Deserve Such Insults And Denigration.

Australia’s mark horton, the runner-up in the men’s 400m freestyle at the world championships in Nikko on July 21, was embarrassed when he refused to take a photo with sun Yang and Italy’s detti.

The same embarrassment played out two days later: on July 23, when sun Yang shook hands with the bronze medalists at the men’s 200m freestyle medal ceremony, Scott followed horton’s example and chose to ignore sun Yang. Later, he did not stand on the top podium with sun Yang photo.

“What I’m doing now is defending the rights and interests of every athlete,” sun said in a mixed interview area after the event.

“I think I can hold on to today because I have a strong heart.” In today’s relay final, sun Yang and horton, who helped Australia win the gold medal in the event, once again competed together. “There are so many swimmers in the world,” he said of the gwangzhou incident. “Fina has made it very clear that I didn’t break any rules and I followed the relevant rules,” he said. I think what I do is stand up for every athlete.”


His last, he thought, to meet a “flight check” behavior in order to safeguard the rights and interests of oneself and every athlete, he said: “if is replaced with other athletes, today a prosecutors to check your id, blood and urine samples were taken away, if tampered with, happened in the process that even have no chance to reasons things out the place and reasoning. What I am doing is defending the rights of every athlete.”

“I believe that what I have said is well founded, that everything I have said is true, and that there is no falsehood. I think what I am doing now is defending the rights of every athlete and myself. Because I thought I could hold out until now and not be insulted or denigrated like that.” Sun said.