The Queen Is Paying A Fortune To Find A Chef At Buckingham Palace

A new advertisement on the Buckingham Palace website shows that the royal family is hiring a new chef to join the royal kitchen, the daily mail reported. The post, which will be based at Buckingham Palace, has been described as a hands-on position requiring candidates to provide “the highest standard” of food.


The job is not listed on the website as to which member of the royal family it will serve, but it is believed to refer to the entire royal family as it involves travelling to other royal residences and providing accommodation and meals. The £22,000 position requires candidates to “prepare a varied menu for events”, use “high-quality ingredients” and “join a team of accomplished professionals”.

“As you might expect, the standards here are very high and the days are busy, so we need an ambitious and qualified chef,” the Buckingham Palace AD reads. “You may have some prior experience in a top-of-the-line kitchen or high-volume dining environment, but we need your ability and enthusiasm to provide good service to all parts of the kitchen.”
“Attention to detail is important, as is your ability to meet deadlines and ensure food arrives on time,” the AD says.

Buckingham Palace has hosted several state dinners, including a dinner with President Donald trump last month, and is speculated to be involved in hosting lavish state dinners.

Former royal chef darren McCready, who cooked for the royal family for 15 years, has previously revealed that, like the rest of us, the queen always takes snacks with her when she travels.
Maddie told Harper’s bazaar that the queen always keeps her favourite chocolate chip cookies handy. The cake is usually made at the queen’s home in Buckingham Palace and her majesty enjoys a piece of it every day, the chef said. “She eats a small piece of cake every day until it’s only a tiny bit, but it has to go up and she wants to eat the whole cake.”


The queen is also reported to be so keen on puddings that she will take them with her on her travels and, if she is going to Windsor, will ask a senior chef to accompany her on the train to make special desserts.