10 creative DIY ideas To Decorate Pumpkin Without Carving-knife

It’s the season of fall festivals and pumpkin picking! That also means you might be gearing up to decorate them to celebrate Halloween as a family.Even though some of us love to carve into the pumpkin, you might face a mushy disaster.But these creative DIY ideas might convince you to put down the carving knife and do something different this year.

1. Tissue Paper Pumpkins


This is one the kids will definitely love helping with! For this activity, I you may prepare the following materials:

A pumpkin for each kid
A large paint brush
Some watered down glue (you can add a bit of water to the glue to make it runny)
Tissue paper squares

2. Rainbow pumpkin


This eye-popping pumpkin will brighten up your home if you keep it indoors. It’s so cheerful that you might find it sticking around well after the holiday.

3. Paint a Poké Ball pumpkin


If you or your kids are fans of Pokémon, then it makes sense to turn your pumpkin into a Poké Ball. The design is pretty simple.

4.Painted Pumpkin Donuts


Reese Witherspoon found a creative way to make her pumpkins look more appetizing — she turned them into donuts.These cute pumpkin donuts are easy to decorate and really do look like the real thing and good enough to eat.

5.Glitter Stem Pumpkins


Once you paint the pumpkin your desired color, add craft glue onto the stem and dip it into glitter for a fun and sparkly look.

6.Cheery Pom-Pom Pumpkin


It doesn’t get more fun than fuzzy balls of color! Attach them in rows or clusters with hot glue — and consider starting with a brightly painted pumpkin to make your handiwork pop.

7.Shimmer Web Pumpkin


Using hot glue, place strings of sequins going about halfway down the pumpkin. Next, go horizontal with curved lines to complete the cobweb. A spider is optional but encouraged!

8.Glam Gourds

When is glitter not a good idea? These tiny pumpkins positively sparkle with a splash of metallic gold.

9.Chalkboard Pumpkins


Chalkboard pumpkins are easy breezy to make.

The paint is just tender on real pumpkins. To help with that, I suggest SANDING a real pumpkin to take some of that waxy finish off. Yes I know, sanding a vegetable seems weird but it will help for the chalkboard paint to not scratch off with chalk.

I also suggest PRIMING your pumpkins. Using a DARK GRAY primer under black chalkboard paint is easiest and makes the chalkboard paint cover better.

10.Try adding some hair


Adding some hair covers the stem, which will make your pumpkins look a little less like gourds and more like people.

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