20th Century Fox Will Be History

Twentieth Century Fox, one of the most famous companies in Hollywood film history, is to officially retire 20 years into the 21st century.

Disney on Wednesday officially announced the end of the 20th Century Fox brand by renaming its 20th Century Fox TV brand 20th Century Fox. New logos will appear on TV shows this fall, while existing episodes on streaming and digital libraries will retain their original logos.

Twentieth Century Fox was originally formed in 1935 through the merger of Fox Studios and Twentieth Century Pictures. The company has produced many of the most popular movies and TV series in Hollywood history, including films such as Star Wars and the Sound of Music, and TV series such as The Simpsons and Modern Family.


Last September, Disney bought most of Fox’s entertainment assets, including twentieth Century Fox and its Fox Searchlight studios, for $71 billion. In January, Disney renamed the two companies 20th Century Motion Pictures and Searchlight Motion Pictures, respectively. Now, they’ve simply dropped the “20th century” element and replaced it with “20th TV.”

With the number 20 and the famous lamppost still turning and shining, the iconic logo has largely stayed the same. The new logo and graphics will be in use starting this fall, as will older films that aired before the new version. But many still see it as the end of an era for Hollywood.

Film critic and historian Leonard Maltin said: “The name twentieth Century Fox goes way back in the cinema and this is a cut off from Hollywood’s history.”

According to US media analysis, including NBC, the renaming of 20th Century Fox to 20th CENTURY TV also means that it could leave the film production business and concentrate on making television series.