A 7-year-old American Boy Earned 80,000 Yuan As CEO Of A Garbage Sorting Company

Ryan Hickman has been interested in garbage sorting since he was 3 years old and founded a recycling company at the age of 7. But his sincerity, enthusiasm and actions have brought him unexpected benefits.


When he was three and a half years old, Ryan visited the rePlanet recycling center in California and found his mission in life. The next day, as he greeted his father, damien, at their SAN Juan capistrano drive, he pointed to the street and announced, “my new business! I want cans and bottles from all the neighbors!”

From helping his neighbors sort plastic bottles to becoming CEO of a recycling company he founded with his parents’ support, Ryan hickman has been busy “expanding the business” of washing, drying, sorting and loading recycled bottles, and then shipping them back to the recycling yard. His dad is in charge of the idea and his mom is in charge of the business.


Over the years, Ryan has recycled 3.4 million plastic bottles, weighing 31 tons, and sold them for about 80,000 yuan. Some of the money is said to go to charity. Now his company has a legitimate website, even trash cans with their own company logo. He sells his company’s t-shirts on its website and donates all the proceeds to the Pacific mammal center to raise awareness of the Marine environment.

Ryan was hired to be an ambassador for the Pacific Marine mammal center, to speak for public good, and he was named CNN’s young miracle award and appeared on the Ellen degeneres show.