American First Lady Erects Wooden Statue In Her Hometown

Sevnica, the hometown of Melania Trump, is proud of the “Made in the Production” of the First Lady of the United States, making products such as cakes, honey, slippers, etc. Recently, the wooden statue of Melania was even erected nearby. However, it is said that each flower is in the eyes, but some people say that the statue is completely different from Melaniya, but it is very similar to the cartoon character Smurf.


Brad Downey, a 39-year-old American conceptual artist, hired local artist Ales Zupevc (aka Maxi, Maxi) to engrave a statue on a banyan tree with a chainsaw. It stands in the fields of the village of Rozno, 8 km away from Sevnica, overlooking the Sava River, wearing a light blue suit, waving her left hand and following the inauguration of President Trump in 2017.

The wood image is carved with a chainsaw. The rough shape is described by netizens as “straw people” and is similar to the Smurfs. It is not like Melaniya. Nika, a 24-year-old local architecture student, said that if the statue is a parody, the artist will succeed. Downey said that he can understand why others think that the wooden image is not enough to describe the appearance of Melania, but emphasizes that he thinks the finished product is very beautiful.


Downey explained that the statue is part of an art project, hoping to explore the roots of Melania’s Slovenia, and the works of the art project will be exhibited in the capital Ljubljana.

Downey pointed out that he was impressed when he knew that Maxi and Melaniya were born in the same hospital in the same year. By talking to Maxi, he was able to observe Melaniya’s hometown from the perspective of the locals. He said: “You look at the river that she saw when she was a child, and looked at the mountains.” He also expressed the hope that this would open a dialogue about the current state of American politics and highlight Melaniya’s status as an immigrant.