American Space Adventures Will Fly Tourists Into Space At An Altitude Of More Than 1,000 Kilometers

February 24, 2020

Space Adventures, a virginia-based company, announced on February 18 that it had reached an agreement with SpaceX to send four Space tourists on a five-day “freefall” tour aboard the SpaceX dragon spacecraft to a higher orbital altitude than the international Space station as early as the end of 2021.

Eric Anderson, founder of space adventures, said on social media that it was a “freefall” mission that would not dock with the international space station, but instead manage to orbit at an altitude of about two to three times that of the international space station. At three times the orbital altitude of the space station, the field of view will be 10 times that of the station.


The international space station orbits at an altitude of about 400 kilometers. Tom Shelley, President of space adventures, said on social media that the goal of the manned dragon craft was to fly at an altitude of more than 1,000km, close to the us record for manned flight set by the Gemini project in the 1960s. Gemini 11 briefly flew in orbit, reaching a maximum altitude of about 1,374 kilometers.

In a statement, space adventures said the deal with SpaceX will provide space travel for up to four tourists who will have the chance to break the record for the highest personal space flight altitude and observe earth in a way no one has since the Gemini project.

It’s a private space program for all payers, and the trip will last five days. The manned dragon spacecraft, launched by a falcon 9 rocket, is scheduled to launch between late 2021 and mid-2022, depending on when customers are signed up. Confirmed participants will be trained in the United States for several weeks.


But space adventures did not disclose fares, saying the cost would be “within the range of other orbital opportunities.”

Last June, Bigelow Aerospace, a us space company founded in 1999, announced it had paid “substantial” deposits and booking fees for four manned dragon flights to the international space station, and planned to sell seats for those flights for $52m each.

Also last June, NASA announced it would allow private trips to the international space station aboard American spacecraft, with a round-trip “ticket” (excluding room and board) of nearly $60 million.

Founded in 1998, space adventures organizes space flights for private space explorers, providing services such as space flights to the international space station, lunar orbits, and record-breaking orbital flights. From 2001 to 2009, space adventures organized eight trips to the international space station with seven people aboard Russian soyuz spacecraft, spending more than 80 days in space and more than 30 million miles in space. Those flights were halted when the soyuz was used exclusively to ferry astronauts to and from the space station.

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