An Amazing Village In Dubai That Appears By Day And Disappears By Night

In our existence in this world, every day is very difficult to believe that, in some places, it is where the environment is very harsh, believe that the locals about these strange things there are some very mysterious legends, for example in dubai is a very magical village, the time of day it will appear in front of people, but the evening villages would disappear, even scientists don’t know what happened in the village.


Locals call the village do ghost town, the village is located in the desert, and according to the local people, the village in the daytime there is no exception, it also inhabited by some of the natives, and at night it will be strange to disappear in the desert, as if like evaporation, indigenous people in the village have never communicate with the outside world, in the nearby people’s eyes, the village, and the people are very strange.

According to the old man, people here have a very unique way of life, they often can see there are indigenous to walk in the desert, until one day, it was found that the natives here mysteriously disappeared suddenly, in order to understand how they are missing, also specially to find people, but no found. Since then, the village has appeared during the day and disappeared at night, and many scientists have speculated that it may be caused by the sand flow. What do you think of this?


There are many living things in the world, but there are some that we haven’t discovered yet, so the mysteries of nature need to be explored.