An American Company Has Invented A Maglev House That Can Float In The Air During An Earthquake

Earthquakes are created by the violent movement and compression of the plates, which then devastate the land. Because earthquakes cannot be predicted in a timely manner, when an earthquake comes, it cannot be escaped in a timely manner, resulting in irreparable consequences. Especially in the modern society with increasingly tall buildings, it is not easy to escape from the earthquake in time.

Although, many countries in the construction of houses will take into account the seismic capacity of the house, improve the seismic level of the house. But it’s not enough to reverse the damage to buildings at the root.


Is there a type of house that floats in the air when an earthquake strikes, reducing or wiping out its destructive power?
An American company called Arxpax has come up with a flying house on a whim. Of course, on appearance construction, do not have too big distinction with common house. The secret, however, lies in the base of the house, our traditional foundation.

The house USES magnetic levitation (maglev) to suspend the house during an earthquake as if it were flying in the air. Of course, the maglev house is nominally the same thing as the maglev train, and if we can levitate the train, we can also levitate the house.

Specially in the maglev house is in the house foundation joined the latest magnetic levitation device, and the earthquake early warning system, when an earthquake comes, alarm will be triggered, feel an earthquake, induction coil, induction coil, internal magnetic levitation device for the current will be converted to peer repel, make the house quickly and foundations, rose house instantly. In normal times, the positive and negative poles are opposite, making the house more solid and reliable.


The maglev house does not stay separate, but remains in place for 90 seconds, giving people more time to escape and thus reducing earthquake casualties. When the technology came out, Japan threatened to buy it out and put it into practice as soon as possible.

Because Japan is in seismic zone, a perennial earthquake that afflict, the Japanese government while Japan earthquake resistant level of the building the world’s largest, but also to hold all the year round in the earthquake, so on maglev technology out after house, Japan is interested in for the technology, not only can reduce the casualties caused by the earthquake, also can reduce the economic loss.

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