An American Man’s Homemade Rocket Fell To His Death

February 26, 2020

Amateur rocket inventor mike hughes, 64, died when his homemade rocket crashed shortly after liftoff in California on February 22 in an attempt to prove that the earth is flat.


Hughes had planned to see the “earth is flat” by deploying his parachute after rising to an altitude of 1524 meters in a steam-powered rocket, but the parachute unexpectedly ejected less than three seconds after the rocket lifted off at 2 p.m. local time on Tuesday, causing the rocket to crash after the jetting ended.

This was not the first time hughes had flown a rocket. He made it to an altitude of 569 meters in March 2018 and landed successfully. He became known as Mad Mike.


Discovery communications’ science channel later confirmed hughes’ death, describing him as having died in the process of fulfilling his dream, and sent condolences to his family and friends. Hughes rose to fame after declaring that he believed the earth was flat, and that he had built his rockets to fly into space and find evidence of the flat earth theory himself. In 2018, he told the Associated Press that earth is a frisbee, and he plans to fly into space to prove it. His research was funded by the Modern flat Earth societies, which maintains that the Earth is not spherical and that humans have not landed on the moon or the international space station.

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