An Ohio Community Created A Scarecrow To Scare Away A Novel Coronavirus

A community in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, began preparing scarecrows during the outbreak to “scare away” novel coronavirus.
According to WKRC, Ohio, a Cincinnati neighborhood is so full of well-dressed scarecrows that people might think it’s Halloween, but there’s a different reason. “It’s like an old tradition,” said Tina gutierrez, one of the event’s organizers. In many cultures, people put things on their porches or doorsteps to scare off evil spirits, so this is a contemporary homage to the exorcism of the past.”


Tina gutierrez and Rene miccio initiated the event, which they named “scare away novel coronavirus” (ScareCoronas), and asked community members to participate. “We first took the lead in making [the scarecrow] ourselves, took the pictures and posted them, and then we got other influencers in the community involved so that people would take it more seriously,” she said. Later, community members began to assemble the scarecrow from materials around the house. Micho, a former dancer with the Cincinnati ballet, created a scarecrow inspired by the nutcracker.

Currently, more than 150 scarecrows can be seen throughout the community. Some neighbors have taken scarecrow making to the next level, even seeing dragons and skeletons lurking in the streets. The artwork shows a sense of community during the pneumonia epidemic. “We are really moving away from depression and loneliness and reconnecting with each other,” gutierrez said.