Attacked By More Than 150 Rockets, Israeli Air Strikes In Gaza

The Israeli army fired fighters and tanks against the targets in the Gaza Strip on the 4th, and was attacked by more than 150 rockets on the day of retaliation.

The Israeli military said that armed men in the Gaza Strip fired more than 150 rockets in the direction of Israel on the 4th, most of which were intercepted by Israel. Reuters reported that many people in the border areas of Israel heard the alarm and hid in the shelter to avoid the danger.


The escalation of tension between the two sides began on the 3rd. Armed forces in the Gaza Strip opened fire on the Israeli army and two soldiers were wounded. The Israeli army then attacked Gaza, killing two members of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” and two Palestinians demonstrating on the border between Gaza and Israel.

The Gaza Liberation of Palestine Democratic Front, the “FNL” on the 4th “claimed” part of the rocket attack. The organization said in a statement that it fired several rockets into the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon.


In retaliation for the rocket attacks, the Israeli military dispatched warplanes and tanks to attack several rocket launchers and multiple facilities in Hamas.

Hamas said in a statement that “our people will bleed” will not be allowed and will counterattack the “crime”. The statement did not mention whether Hamas fired rockets at Israel that day.