“Black Widow” Boots, The Only Super Hero Capable Movie Coming Soon

Recently, a number of photos were exposed, showing that “Black Widow” starring Scarlett Johansson has been turned on. The film is located in Orsta, Norway. The local newspaper also confirmed that the filming work has started. Marvel has not yet responded to this news. “Black Widow” is expected to be released in North America on May 1, 2020.


Scarlett Johansson is the earliest heroine in the Marvel movie. It first appeared in Iron Man 2 in 2010, but Marvel seems to have never had the idea of filming the Black Widow independent film. DC’s Wonder Woman. After the success, Marvel began to have a plan for the heroine.

It is said that the widowed sister joined Marvel for the longest time, and the popularity is enough. Marvel’s hero movie should be the first one, but “Amazing Captain” is in front, and the widow’s independent film is pushed and pushed again. Heroines seem to be less valued.

Among the heroes of Marvel’s independent film, the most popular Iron Man relies on the technical mind, the beauty team relies on physical strengthening and leadership, the hammer brother relies on divine power, the small spider depends on mutation, and other singular doctors and panthers have super powers. Among the heroines, don’t say the captain of the surprise, the witch of the blush, even the wasp woman and the card magic have the super powers brought by technology or reinforcement. The widowed sister is a female agent and looks very ordinary.

The black widows and many superheroes in the original comic book have had feelings or intersections. For example, with the winter soldiers, the eagle eyes, what happened in the past, there are stories to tell. How to adapt to an independent film seems to have been a problem. The independent film was only shot today, which also shows that Marvel Films is very cautious about this role.


“Black Widow” will talk about the origin, but certainly will not waste too much space. Some netizens think that the black widow’s timeline will be set after “Reunification 4”, and the widowed sister will return from the resurrection. Why do you say that? Judging from other Marvel heroes’ independent films, the movies assembled by the heroes are all after the independent film. The heroes who appeared in the assembled movie have not yet returned to the origins. The “Black Widow” should not be rewinded. Maybe the timeline continues to go down.