British Couple Get Creative With Film Roles

With many people quarantined at home because of the outbreak, one couple took to dressing up as their favorite movie and TV characters and taking elaborate photos to pass the time.

Honeybourne, 45, and her husband, Gibbons, 48, are freelancers. To cope with the boredom of life during the epidemic, they began to experiment with acting out their movie roles in a funny way, taking pictures and sharing them on social networking sites.


Honeybourne says they also want to bring laughter to other people’s lives in this way. But slowly, they found fun in the process and began to take their creativity more seriously. They spend hours a day on the “project” of turning backyards into movie sets and kitchen utensils and furniture into props. Honeybourne and Gibbons also made grooming goals and plans every day, and adhered to the schedule. “We almost made it a job, and it got crazier every day.”

So far, they have recreated characters from classic movies and TV shows in their own way, such as The Lion King, Star Wars, Breakfast Club, Mary Poppins and Doctor Who. “It’s great to have something to cheer us up every day,” Honeybourne said. We are positive and energetic every day.”