Canadian Gym Launches Yoga ‘Plastic Bubble’ Amid Epidemic

A gym in Canada has launched 50 single-person yoga “plastic bubbles” to help students work out together during the coVID-19 outbreak.

LMNTS outdoor Gym in Toronto has placed 50 inflatable half-ball plastic tents in a field for students to practice yoga from June 21 to July 31. Each “plastic bubble” is about 2 meters in diameter and 3.7 meters high, and the door curtain is opened for good ventilation. Meanwhile, a fan is installed inside the plastic bubble to prevent overheating.


To practice yoga in a plastic bubble, students need to buy at least three classes, starting at $24 per class. On the day of class, students are required to bring yoga MATS, water cups and other personal items. Before entering the “plastic bubble”, students are required to take a temperature check and show photo identification. The yoga teacher will teach yoga moves on a platform. After class, the gym staff cleans and disinfects each “plastic bubble.”

Steve Georgiyev, founder of LMNTS Outdoor Fitness, said that while people have been isolated at home in recent months and unable to go outside, the yoga “plastic bubble” helps people enjoy “team fitness activities” in a “safe and responsible way.”

Student Holland Philpott said yoga ‘plastic bubbles’ can ease the anxiety of home isolation that makes people miss being connected. Plus, doing yoga in a “plastic bubble” makes you sweat, as if to get “all the toxins and negative energy out of your body.”