Cornwall Best Travel Guide

Cornwall (Cornwall) is located on the westernmost side of England and is also the peninsula on the southwestern tip of the island of Great Britain. It is rich in tin mines and has the largest greenhouse in the world, the “Eden” . As the ancient kingdom of Celtic, it naturally has his excellency. Cornwall has its own language, Cornish, and even has its own banner.


Newquay is a colorful beach, but it is a sacred place! There is an all-night drinking night at the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol) in Spain. I don’t know if the white sand beach and carnival night are attracting you? Every year, England’s most famous Boardmasters Surfing Festival is held in Firstral, and every year Firstral attracts a large number of fans to gather here.At Watergate Bay, there is a restaurant to recommend to everyone, called Fifteen Cornwall. This is a well-known local charity restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine and will host some poor elementary schoolers. Their home will post menus and prices on the official website, and they can book online directly.

Newquay has many outdoor experience facilities for kite scooters, paddleboarding, and coastal off-roading consisting of Coasteing, hiking, rock climbing, and wild swimming. Here you can try some sports that you have never experienced before. One of the best in the local area is Adventure and EboAdventu, and it is recommended to try it out. These institutions are experienced and well-versed in professional skills.


The original meaning of Penzance is “the sacred cape”. Watermelon feels that this meaning is super beautiful, so I have to come up with it. Penzance is located on the westernmost side of the mainland of England and is the end of the British mainland. It is not like London, there is no haze in the weather. There are sea breeze and cloudless.

The Mina Amphitheatre is only three miles from Land’s End, and Watermelon feels that this theater can be a must. The entire theater is “snapped” directly from the cliff. This is a theater facing the sea and facing the mountain. It is extremely thrilling. The entire theatre has only 750 seats and is only open in summer. Shakespeare plays are performed here, and many old grandfathers living in Penzance will buy season tickets to watch every day.


The Eden Project is the largest greenhouse in the world and now has the size of 35 football fields. The Eden was built on a waste mine. The Eden project took ten years to conceive and build. It cost 130 million pounds just to make people wake up and know the importance of environmental protection. And the Eden Project has also earned the reputation of being the most popular modern building in the UK.
We can feel the tropical, temperate and desert climate here. We can also see the deserts of North Africa in the Garden of Eden. Is the rain forest in South America a very strange feeling?