Domestic Car Sales Fell To Their Lowest Level Since 1946

The association of British automobile manufacturers and dealers said Friday that car sales in the UK fell 97.3% to 4,321 units in April from a year earlier, the lowest level since February 1946.

Figures from the trade association show that 4,321 new cars were registered in the UK in April, down more than 156,000 from April last year. About four-fifths of them are official vehicles, purchased by public service agencies and businesses to combat a novel coronavirus outbreak. In terms of models, ford, Volkswagen and vauxhall are usually the best selling brands in the UK, while the best selling Model in April was the tesla Model 3.


After the end of the second world war, Britain underwent post-war reconstruction, the domestic market in February 1946 car sales of 4,044 units. Since mid-march, many European cities have closed shops and restricted the movement of people due to the outbreak, and most car dealers have suspended sales. The association of automobile manufacturers and dealers said car sales in many parts of Europe fell sharply in April from a year earlier, falling 88.8% in France and 97.5% in Italy.

Another set of data released by the British association of motor manufacturers and dealers on Friday showed that the UK market in April, including pickup trucks, four-wheel-drive vehicles, the weight of the van under 3.5 tons, the UK market in April to 3,387 units, down 86.2% from the same period a year ago.

According to the latest situation, the association of automobile manufacturers and dealers Friday reduced the annual UK car sales to 1.68 million units from 2.25 million in January.


The association’s chief executive, mike hawes, said restarting car manufacturing and sales while ensuring the health of people was key to accelerating Britain’s economic rebirth. The industry, which exports the most goods, could lose more than 8 billion pounds ($9.94 billion) this year as a result of the outbreak, the association said. So far this year, production is down 14% from a year earlier and sales are down 43%.

High-value-added but low-volume luxury brands Rolls-Royce and aston Martin are due to resume production this week. Jaguar land rover and Mini will resume production later this month. Britain’s largest car factory is a nissan plant in sunderland. The car factory is due to reopen in June.

Meanwhile, a survey released Monday by market research firm echinwalmer estimates that Britain’s gross domestic product shrank by at least 7% in the first quarter of 2020.