Elephants Dance to Violin

September 10, 2020

We all love music, even animals…

Back in 2014, these two friendly elephants proved that they got some serious moves as well.

In the video you can see the pair of elephants elegantly swaying to the music. Bartsch, a member of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, practiced the song for the elephants. “I decided to experiment and see what those guys would do,” she said.

Kelly and Viola were 44 and 45-year-old elephants who have lived together nearly all of their lives. It’s clear to see in the video that they’re the best of friends who never leave each other’s side.

It was obvious that the elephants were enjoying the music so much. They stayed for the entire warmup and bobbed their heads the whole way through.It really is so cute!

A study showed that elephants in captivity may be soothed by classical music due to the stress of being restricted. It is our hope that these majestic creatures truly do find comfort when listening to music.