For New Zealanders Who Like To Go “Barefoot”, It Is Normal To Go Barefoot, And The Roads Are Clean And There Are Few Tire Repair Shops

A country often have their own cultural customs, this is determined in the development of history, and tourism in this matter, is to see and understand such cultural customs, to understand its connotation and appreciate its culture, and inclusive of its differences, so tourism is so attractive and attract so many people go out to travel. However, cultural customs are determined by local history, so there are some fascinating tourist cultures, such as the La Tomatina festival in Spain, which is fun to release stress and dissatisfaction. There are also, of course, confusing cultural customs, such as New Zealand’s “barefoot culture”.


New Zealand is a country in the South Pacific, in the southwest Pacific to be exact. The territory consists of the North island and the South Island, together with other small islands, separated by the Cook Strait and facing Fiji and Tonga. And the country, and Australia is very similar, the climate of the southern hemisphere are peaceful, therefore gives birth to a lot of power of agricultural products, such as Argentina, like Australia, such as New Zealand, also it is the international meat, dairy products and coarse wool exports countries ranked first, because of the economy as much as developed, developed, urban construction and kept a lot of natural landscape, so also became one of the most beautiful countries in the world, favored by international tourists like, including our Chinese tourists, is the “regular” of the country.


Come to New Zealand tourism, however, many people will find such a strange phenomenon, that is New Zealand people like barefoot, though not particularly absolutely, but you can see a lot of times walk barefoot in the streets, shopping malls, schools, New Zealand, they barefoot walk on the road, but don’t feel ashamed, but very comfortable, like at home. This culture has surprised many visitors, with a New York Times correspondent describing it as a “footfinger of freedom”, and many overseas social media outlets discussing it. Like Chinese martial arts, the new Zealanders’ bare feet have also surprised many people. So many people are wondering, why do New Zealanders like to walk barefoot so much?

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