Harry Megan Spent 2.4 million Pounds To Decorate The Residence, Nearly 60% Of The People Thought It Was Too Expensive

A British media commissioned an opinion poll on the royal issue earlier, showing that 57% of the respondents thought that Prince Harry and his wife Megan spent £2.4 million on taxpayers to decorate their residence in Windsor too expensive, and 75% thought the project Can save even more.

According to the survey, 22% of respondents believe that the Harrys have no right to keep their son’s godfather’s name secret, and that 35% of the rights are considered. 25% of people believe that the Harrys have no right to refuse to disclose information about the birth of their son, and that 30% of the rights are considered. 22% believe that the Harleys have no right to ban TV from filming their son’s baptism process, and that 47% of them are entitled.
74% of the respondents believe that Prince William and his wife, Kate, handled it better than Harry and Megan in making the public aware of the progress of their children’s growth; it is only 10% that the Harrys handled this well. Megan is considered by the public to be the second mysterious member of the royal family after the Queen of England.

For which royal family member is the most popular, the Queen is ranked first, Harry is second, and William is third. Kate, Megan and Princess Anne are in fifth place. For Crown Prince Charles, 39% think he will be a good king, and only 16% disagree. 71% believe that the UK should still maintain the monarchy and 21% want to repeal.