Heroine Pleaded Guilty And Wanted To Take A Shortcut But Walked Into The Prison

American college admissions scandals can be described as raging, and the world has already known that American schools have also had cheating scandals. What is even more ridiculous is that not only the nobles, but also the stars.

Felicity Huffman, one of the female stars of Desperate Housewives, admitted in the Boston court that she paid $15,000 in 2017 to secretly modify her daughter’s exam answer.


Hoffman, 56, is one of 50 people in the college admissions scandal. In a statement last month, Hoffman called “completely accepting” his charges, and the prosecutor recommended that she be sentenced to four months’ imprisonment and a fine of $20,000.

In these lawsuits, wealthy parents were accused of changing their test results by bribery and other means, and even packing their children into sports specialties to defraud the admissions of elite universities in the United States. Parents and colluding college sports coaches were accused of participating in the program, but no children were accused of committing crimes.


The prosecution said that Hoffman also planned to help the little daughter cheating, but ultimately decided not to do so. Hoffman said that her eldest daughter was unaware of this and felt “repent and shame” because she “betrayed” her.On Monday afternoon, Hoffman and his brother arrived hand in hand at the court and did not receive interviews with outside reporters.

Although Hoffman is one of the most compelling figures among the indicted parents, the $15,000 she and her husband paid was the smallest amount involved in a series of cases.

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