How Does A Woman Live After Spending $1 Million To Have Her Wings Implanted For Her Dream of Flying

In nature, to be able to fly freely in the sky only insects and birds, and to let them fly because they have to carry their own weight of wings, but not all animals with wings to fly, such as chicken, chicken under the human long-term domestication, already will flight capacity degradation, wings don’t carry its own weight, is also not fly.


Human beings also fantasize that they will fly one day and invent many ways of transportation and entertainment facilities in the air. However, some people just want to have a pair of wings, a pair of wings that belong to them, and they are one with themselves. One woman managed to get a wing into her body after spending $1 million.

Using simulated human flesh and feathers, the hospital stitched her wings to her back, and after months of recovery, the woman was able to acquire a pair of wings that could only be gently waved, but did not allow her to fly. And since she had the wings, she was noticed for everything she did and could not sleep normally at night, which made her very miserable. So in order to get back to normal life, she finally decided to take the wings off!

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