Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Gave A Moving Speech At His Memorial Service

February 25, 2020

Kobe Bryant’s memorial service, “celebration of life,” was held at the staples center in Los Angeles on Feb. 24. Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, made her first public appearance since the accident, giving an emotional speech in memory of Bryant and their daughter jaina. Michael Jordan, shaquille o ‘neal and others paid tribute and paid tribute to Bryant.


Bryant’s memorial service is different from the traditional mournful memorial. The lakers’ theme is “celebration of life,” which they hope will be an emotional celebration of life. The lakers prepared for the memorial, setting up a stage at staples center surrounded by 33,643 red roses to commemorate every point Bryant has scored in his career. The Feb. 24 date is also a combination of Bryant and jaina’s jersey Numbers.

Jimmy kimmel, the host of the memorial service, choked up several times in his opening remarks, unable to control his emotions. “I’m here because I love kobe. This is one of his favorite songs. I want you to sing along with me. Later, beyonce sang another song of HALO, which was shot to Vanessa on the sideline. Vanessa looked very moved.


First on stage was Bryant’s devastated widow, Vanessa, who has not made a public appearance since the accident, but took to social media to express her thoughts for her husband and daughter. At today’s memorial service, Vanessa was strong enough to go on stage and speak. Her courage received countless compliments. Everyone applauded for Vanessa. In her speech, she recalled the details of her life with her daughter’s husband, unable to hold back her tears. Finally, she said, “honey, you take care of jaina, I take care of the other kids, we’re still the best team. May you rest in peace and have fun in heaven until we meet again.” When Vanessa finished her speech, she received a standing ovation and Jordan stepped forward to help her off the stage.

Several others, including Michael Jordan and shaquille o ‘neal, spoke later. To ease the atmosphere, Jordan also made a funny joke. “I’m going to have to watch another one of my crying memes go on fire for the next three or four years,” Jordan said. “kobe did it. I told my wife I didn’t want to go to the memorial because I didn’t want to spend the next three or four years watching my crying memes.” O ‘neal, who famously had a “happy rivalry” with Bryant at the time, recalled one anecdote in his speech: “some teammates complained to me about kobe not passing the ball, so I went to talk to kobe. I said to kobe, kobe, team doesn’t have an I in it. He told me, “I know, but there’s me in the team, you fool.”


At the end of the memorial service, Bryant was honored with the academy award for best animated short film “dear basketball.” “Don’t forget: work hard and hug your loved ones.” Jimmy kimmel ended the ceremony with these words.