Lick The Ice Cream Put Back To The Original Lead To Many People To Imitate, The United States Police Stationed The Ice Cream Cabinet

This is the comical picture of a snowballing us joke about licking an ice cream and putting it back in its place, as consumers worry about food hygiene.Police in keller, Texas, said in a statement posted on social media that two officers had been assigned to guard the ice cream counter at a dallas-fort worth supermarket to prevent further mischief.



Last week, a video of a young woman licking the ice cream with a smile and then putting it back went viral. The woman was later arrested by Texas police and faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

But the event did not end there, video in twitter 1.2 million people watched, many days after watching video sample learning sample, but also one action against three, not only licking ice cream, some even spit mouthwash back into the bottle and put back on the shelf. Another man was later arrested for licking an ice cream bar.


“The only ice cream you can lick in keller this holiday season is already bought,” keller police joked in the post.Police in Corinth, another city, also wrote a pep talk to colleagues: “not all heroes wear capes.”

Since the post was posted on July 6, it has been forwarded by more than 3,000 people and liked by 4,000 people. Many netizens also left messages thanking police officers for their devotion and “guarding everyone’s ice cream”.

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