Man Loses A Whopping 60 Pounds Eating Mcdonald Everyday!


And you thought McDonald’s diet is bad for health? This man just owned the world! In just 90 days he went from fat to fit! Where’s that McDonald’s menu?

John Cisna is a 56 year old high school science teacher, who one fine morning decided to challenge his students to an interesting, but odd science experiment. Mind you, you’d be lucky to have John as a science teacher because his challenge turned out to be completely an out of the box kind! He challenged his students to create for him a McDonald’s diet program where he could consume 2,000 calorie a day and stay within the FDA’s recommended daily consumption of nutrients!

For 90 days John wanted to consume nothing but MacDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner – that was the challenge! As odd as it sounds, it worked! His students created 56 different combinations of meals using the McDonald’s menu to make sure that their teacher stayed within 2,000 calories and consumed recommended amounts of fat, sugar, protein, carbs and other nutrients. Apart from the McDonald’s diet, John walked 45 minutes a day, four to five times a week. The results?


Within three months, he lost 37 pounds and his cholesterol levels decreased from 249 to 170! After another three months he had lost a total of more than a whopping 60 pounds! This man went from 280 pounds to 219 pounds just by following McDonald’s fast food diet and if that wasn’t enough he is now the official brand ambassador for McDonald’s!

Those of you who think fast food is bad for health, well, what do you have to say about this? Check out his video, originally uploaded by KCCI on YouTube, where he talks about his diet and how it all began.