McCaffer Announced His Candidacy For The US President, The Founder Of McAfee Anti-virus Software

On July 6, local time, the rich American John McCaffa announced on a yacht docked in a Cuban port that he would participate in the 2020 US presidential election as a Liberal Party candidate.

According to reports, McCafferty is 74 years old, his immediate goal is to win the Liberian Party’s presidential nomination. McCafferty also won the party’s nomination in 2016, and later lost to another candidate, Johnson, by 3%.


McCafferty admitted without advocating: “I don’t want to be president, nor can I be a presidential candidate.” “However, I do have a lot of followers, and I can influence this election.”

McCafferty first worked as an engineer at NASA. Later, when working for a software company, he found that anti-virus software was a good business. So he founded McAfee Associates in 1987 and quickly became a giant in the anti-virus software industry. Known as the “father of anti-virus software” in the United States.

After retiring from the technology industry, McCaffer was caught in a series of scandals involving murder, tax evasion and drug driving, and was forced to flee the United States and exile in Cuba. McCafferty said he will stay in Cuba until the US election in November 2020.