Notre Dame Donated Funds In Place Only 9% Of The Pledge

The French media reported on the 14th that after two months of the fire at Notre Dame, most of the donations for the reconstruction project were not implemented, and the actual funds in place only accounted for about 9% of the total pledges.

The French news radio station reported that in the total commitment of 850 million euros, the actual arrival is only 80 million euros. Some large donors indicated that they will pay in batches according to the progress of the reconstruction project.


According to reports, due to the rapid increase in the amount of donations promised by Notre Dame, some communities and individuals gave up their donations after making a donation commitment, but the amount of donations was small.French Culture Minister Frank Lister said on the 14th that Notre Dame is still in a “fragile” state, and its dome is still in danger of collapse.A fire broke out on Notre Dame de Paris on April 15 and was severely damaged. After the fire, all walks of life promised to donate to the Notre Dame.

After the serious fires in Notre Dame not long ago, some French rich people who have vowed to help each other have not yet written out. On the contrary, the main source of financing for the restoration of Notre Dame is the countries that donated through the Notre Dame Charitable Foundation.

According to French local churches and business people, the French billionaire donors who publicly announced that they would donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the University of Notre Dame two months ago have yet to pay a penny for the reconstruction of the French national monument.Instead, individuals from the United States and France are currently donating through the Notre Dame charitable foundations to pay bills and salaries to 150 workers after the April 15 fire. This month, they will pay the first private payment for the reconstruction of the church at a cost of about 3.6 million euros.


Andre Finot, a senior press officer at Notre Dame de Paris, said: “The big donors haven’t paid yet, and they don’t have a penny. They want to know that these people are committed to spending the money they donate. What place.”According to earlier news, some of the richest and most powerful families and companies in France have promised to provide nearly $1 billion in funds after the fire in Notre Dame, some of which are even within hours and days after the fire. Competing to raise prices to exceed each other.

Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent’s parent company, Kaiyun Group, pledged 100 million euros ($112 million), while French energy company Total’s CEO Patrick Panjani said his company would provide comparable funding. Luxury giant Louis Vuitton and Dior’s parent company, Louis Vuitton’s CEO Nad Arnault, and L’Oréal’s Betancourt Schuler Foundation have committed 200 million euros ($224 million). However, Finnot said that these funds are not in place, because donors are still waiting to see the progress of the reconstruction plan, and debate on the contract issue.