Notre Dame Firefighters Arrested, From Heroes To Criminals

The news of the fire at Notre Dame in Paris last month caught the attention of the world, and countless people sighed. However, the firefighters who are the main force of fire fighting have been affirmed by everyone. After all, in the eyes of the world, firefighters always appear in the most dangerous places, doing the most dangerous things. French President Mark Long also gave a high praise to the firefighters who participated in the Notre Dame de Paris.


However, the impermanence of the world, after the fire of Notre Dame in Paris, the firefighters who went to the Elysee Palace to receive thanks and performances, but in the past few days have made a matter of anger. According to British media reports, six firefighters were arrested for allegedly raping a tourist and are likely to face jail time. According to relevant British laws and regulations, rape can be sentenced to a maximum of 15 years. Once the evidence is conclusive, the lives of these firefighters are completely destroyed.

Once the incident was reported, it caused people’s shock. From the fire hero to the rapist, what is the reason for such a huge contrast? According to insiders, the firefighters used a lot of alcohol before the incident, most likely due to the stimulation of alcohol. But in any case, the damage that several firefighters bring to the victim is undeniable.

According to the report, the victim was still a 20-year-old student, but she was greatly hurt at her best age. This experience will undoubtedly have a great impact on her future life. The behavior of the Paris firefighters not only hurt the student, but also smeared the entire fire brigade, and even had a great impact on Paris’s reputation in the world.