Only 22% Of French Women Feel That They Are Beautiful? Which Women In Europe Feel That They Are The Most Beautiful?

According to a recent survey conducted by the polling agency Ifop for the weight loss information website Naturavox, 60% of French women feel that they are “appropriate”, 18% of French women think they are “not beautiful enough”, only 22% of French women think I am “pretty”. The subjects of this study were women from the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. In this study, French women considered the proportion of their own good looks to be the lowest.


Being aware of yourself is the key to a source of confidence. In French society, more and more women no longer consider themselves to be “beautiful”, and most people feel that they are “only plain”. Women tend to be more demanding of their own appearance and feel more and more unsatisfied with their status quo.In France, all advertising, fashion magazines and the Internet are exacerbating this dissatisfaction.

So which country’s women have the highest rate of obesity? Which countries do women think they are not good? Which country’s women generally think their partners are better than themselves? These questions were all revealed in the “beautiful, complex, sexual and intimate feelings” survey conducted by the polling agency Ifop for the weight loss information website Naturavox. This survey was conducted online on April 11-15, 2019. A survey of 5,026 adult women from the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.


In modern society, we usually simply link fat and ugly directly. However, in this study, the researchers found that the obesity rate of French women was only 16%, which was lower than the average of the five EU countries by 19%. Among the five countries, the highest rate of obesity is British women (21%), followed by German women (20% obesity rate). The lowest is Italian women (only 13% obesity rate). However, among the five countries, French women have the lowest level of beauty, and only 22% of French women give a positive evaluation of their appearance, and they are most demanding in these five countries. Italian women are the most confident, and 39% of Italian women have made positive comments on themselves.

French women enjoy a reputation for being slender and fashionable around the world. Especially in Paris, the whole city is shrouded in fashion atmosphere, and the luxury movies that can be seen everywhere remind the Paris women “You need to be thinner!”. The aesthetic value of the whole city is driving women to become thinner and instilling them. The subconscious mind that “you are not beautiful enough.” So even if the French women’s body level is already very good, they are always dissatisfied with their status quo due to social and cultural factors.


However, it should not be underestimated that France has indeed tripled its obesity rate in the past 40 years. Experts also found that the higher the standard of living of women, the smaller the problem of obesity. Women who are below the average living standard are more likely to have obesity because they often have no way to afford a balanced diet and receive good dietary advice.

Self-recognition is an important issue in intimate relationships. In France, 29% of women think that their partners are better than them. This ratio is the highest among the five countries. In fact, this also reflects the lowest self-awareness of French women.

The results of this survey are not surprising. In the “romantic country” of France and the “fashion capital” in Paris, every woman is subject to high-intensity social aesthetic standards. The French women’s perception of their “unconfidence” is a concrete reflection of this social phenomenon. Because our body looks fixed, and our own assessment can show a society’s demand for women. Obviously, the French society’s appearance requirements for women are the most severe among the five European countries.


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