Philippines Pushes’ Face Mask ‘Ban On Indoor Businesses

August 23, 2020

The Philippine government requires people to wear masks and masks when entering all indoor commercial places, including shopping malls, on August 21.

Over the weekend, drivers and passengers on public transport and office workers in the Philippines were required to wear masks and masks for double protection. As the Philippines relaxes epidemic prevention restrictions across the country to restart the economy, the “mask order” has been extended to all indoor commercial establishments.


Under Secretary of trade, Ruth Castello, said the mask ban was effective nationwide, regardless of the level of containment.

The Philippine Health Department says local studies show that wearing masks and masks together with frequent hand washing provides more protection against infection.

More than 182,000 confirmed coVID-19 cases and 2,940 deaths have been reported in the Philippines as of Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Health.