Show You The Crown Princess Beatrice Wore At Her Wedding

On July 17, Beatrice married her fiance, Edordo Mapeley Mozzi, in a small private ceremony at the Royal Windsor Cottage attended by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and other close family members.

Beatrice wore the Norman Hartnell dress worn by her grandmother queen Elizabeth at the opening of Parliament in 1966 and the Queen’s Wedding crown.


The wedding tiara is one of the biggest in royal jewellery history, more famous than Kate Middleton’s Cartier tiara, Meghan’s Diamond Banddo tiara or Princess Eugenie’s Greville Emerald tiara. Queen Mary married King George VI in 1893 and, as a wedding gift, her mother-in-law queen Victoria gave her an amazing Collingwood necklace. In 1919, Queen Mary commissioned Gallard to make the rim of the necklace into a crown. The jeweler Garrard has assembled 47 gold and silver diamond bars separated by smaller diamond studs, known as the Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara. Smaller, simpler and more modern, it bears a strong resemblance to the George VI Fringe and The Hanover Fringe.

Queen Mary gave it to her daughter-in-law, Queen Elizabeth’s mother, the Queen Mother, in 1936, and while wearing it Sir Henry referred to it as the “Ugly Tiara”. When the Queen married Philip Mountbatten in 1947, the Queen Mother lent the crown to the then princess.


In another incident, on the morning of the wedding, as Queen Elizabeth was getting dressed for Westminster Abbey, the crown frame snapped off and was rushed to Garrard for repair.

Princess Anne also borrowed it from the queen mother for her wedding to MarkPhillips in 1973. So this is the most popular tiara for three generations of women. The royal tiara has been worn regularly by the Queen since she inherited it after the death of her Mother, the Queen Mother, in 2002.