Sweden’s Beautiful Private Islands Are Open To Visitors From Around The World For Free If They Are Creative

There is a private island in Sweden that is free for any creative person in need to take a relaxing trip, and each successful applicant can take five friends to the island of dreams for creative ideas, hence the name of the island.

Creative island is a private island located near Stockholm, Sweden. It is a private island for business creative writers and creative project promoters. Many famous books, such as The Idea Book, which was listed in The “100 best business books of all time”, have inspired many business people to see The world in a more creative and updated way. He has a deep interest and emotion in islands and has visited The islands of 100 different countries in a short time.

The 7,000-square-metre island has a typical Swedish summer home. Although the villa is simple in structure, the island is very magical. There are no tall buildings or busy cars. The isolated and remote island is beautiful but not luxurious.

You can swim, boat, or simply lie on the beach and look up at the blue sky and be a part of nature. The really good ideas come from being alone, relaxing, being close to nature, being one with the universe. There are an infinite number of new ideas that are waiting to be combined and revealed with the human knowledge and information we have acquired.


The private island’s owners have turned it into a “creative haven”, opening it to the public free of charge, with free accommodation but their own transport costs. Creative island also encourages its friends to donate about $1,000 to designated charities they support, but can give less or nothing if they can’t afford it.

To get to the island for free, you just need to sign up and fill in the information. The application should be completed in English. In addition to the personal information, you should also give details of your current or future project plans. The criteria for screening are based on an individual’s level of commitment to the project plan. At present, there have been several groups of tourists on the island experience, enjoy the leisure time.


The business culture in Europe and the United States places a high value on creativity, and creative people are often reused to encourage creativity and innovation, which is the intention of the island’s owners.

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