The Captain Was Blind In The Air, Carrying 350 Passengers “Blindly Flying” For Half An Hour

The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Agency announced two preliminary reports concerning the incapacity of Cathay Pacific pilots. One of the Cathay Pacific flights from Sapporo, Japan to Hong Kong, the captain responsible for driving actually sailed for half an hour after losing normal sight. The captain asked for a substitution. That is to say, nearly 350 passengers on board, “blindly flying” in the air for about half an hour.


The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Agency announced two accidents, all of which were suddenly blinded by the captain during the voyage and were all Cathay Pacific flights. The first occurred on January 26th, a Boeing 777-367 aircraft from Sapporo, Japan, to Hong Kong. At about 10 pm on the same day, the captain suddenly became blind during the voyage. The second occurred on February 21st, the Airbus 350-941 aircraft from Perth, Australia, to Hong Kong. At about 6 o’clock on the same day, when the plane was on its way to Hong Kong, the captain informed the co-pilot that he felt asthma and vision. Damaged, and then replaced by the assistant pilot to take over the command of the aircraft.

According to the report, the captain stayed in place after being blind, and the seat was adjusted to be completely backward. He tied the seat belt and shoulder strap on his own to avoid obstructing the operation of the aircraft. The captain then instructed the cabin service manager to call the medical advisory service for advice and on the other hand instructed the deputy captain to inform Cathay. Finally, the deputy captain continued to perform the mission on the remaining voyages.


According to reports, after the two accidents were taken over by the assistant pilots, they all issued a “PAN-PAN” call to Hong Kong air traffic control. They were allowed to enter the scene and landed smoothly. The two captains were also assisted by medical staff upon arrival in Hong Kong. The vision is then restored. The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong stated that the civil aviation accident investigation agency is collecting and researching the data of two accidents, which requires in-depth investigation and analysis. It is expected that the investigation will announce the results within one year.


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