The Daughter Of A Slain Black Man In America Has Been Given A Priceless Gift: Becoming A Disney Shareholder

Floyd’s daughter Jaina recently posted a picture of her Disney stock certificate on her social media account and thanked Barbra Streisand, who donated her shares to her.

“Thank you Barbra Streisand for making me a shareholder in Disney. Thank you very much indeed.” Jaina wrote in the post, along with a photo of her smiling hand holding the certificate, she also Shared an email recording of the letter and certificate she received, as well as two albums Streisand gave her, My Name Is Barbra and Color Me Barbra.

Barbra Streisand was one of the most influential figures in The United States in the middle and later part of the last century. It is the only artist to receive the Academy Award, Tony Award, Grammy Award, Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by the Film industry American Film Institute and the Grammy Awards in the music industry.


While Disney has stopped offering its shareholders discounts on its theme parks in recent years, the return on investment for the Disney brand has been strong for years.

If shareholders invested $1,000 in Disney a decade ago, they would have earned more than $4,600 (about 32,000 yuan) by February 2020, for a total return of about 370 percent, according to a recent research report by CNBC. According to TMZ on June 14, Barbra Streisand’s gift to Jaina is worth a fortune. It’s not clear how many shares there are, but at the current price, Disney is currently trading at $115 a share.

In addition, Texas Southern University in the United States also announced to give Jaina a full scholarship, so that she can go to school smoothly. A fundraising page dedicated to Jaina has raised more than $2 million so far.