The Heat Wave In Europe Has Caused 7 Deaths And The Mountain Fires Are Seriously Threatened

Many European countries have experienced rare high-temperature roasting in the past week. As of July 1, the heat wave is still continuing. Although the temperature has dropped slightly, the threat of mountain fire is still serious. Spain, France and other countries continue to take measures such as saving water and fighting drought and fighting hill fires.


In the past week, European countries such as France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, and Switzerland have been hit by rare heat waves, setting a new record for the highest temperature. Since June 27, 7 people have died in just 4 days, and the cause of death is related to the hot weather.

A bicycle race organizer from Alezh, France, said that due to the collapse of many participants on June 29, one of the 53-year-old players died and the related events had to be cancelled. 250 hens on a farm in Hérault were killed alive overnight. The farm owner said that the hen she was raising was too hot to breathe, and only 300 of the 300 hens survived. The temperature of the day broke through the high temperature history of France, and the French authorities first launched the highest level of high temperature warning.

However, an international ironman race in Frankfurt, Germany, was not cancelled last week. About 3,000 people braved the heat, and they called “the heat is too much to eat.” American female player Sarah Tru has successfully challenged the 3.8-kilometer swimming and 185-kilometer bicycle riding. She was expected to win the championship, but she fell in the last 1 km of the marathon and had to retire.

Spain has had many mountain fires in the past few days. A mountain fire in the province of Madrid, Spain, and its neighboring province, Toledo, has been over 20 square kilometers since June 28, and firefighters are still struggling to save.

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