The US Disneyland Will Implement The New Regulations From May, The Whole Park Will Be Smoke-Free, And The Stroller Will Also Be Limited In Size

Disneyland is known as “the happiest place in the world”. In order to further let the world’s tourists enjoy the fun, American Disney announced three new regulations on the 28th, the most important of which include Disney and Orlando Disney in California. The resort will be completely banned from May 1st, and even the smoking area in the park will be withdrawn. You want to smoke, only the area outside the entrance to the park, and the Disney Springs in Orlando. On the 28th, the US Disney’s official blog post titled “What You Must Know Before Coming”, announced the new regulations of the park, including:


1. Totally banned
From May 1st, including the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney California Adventure Park, all Disney Water Parks, ESPN Sports Events Center, California Disney City Central District, etc., the only smoking place, only outside the park The entrance, as well as the Disney Springs in the Disney Food and Entertainment District of Florida. In addition, if you are staying at a Disney-owned hotel or booking an appointment at a Disney-owned hotel, you can use the on-site smoking area.


2. Doll car size limit
From May 1st, the size of the doll car that is brought into the park must not exceed 72 cm in width and 132 cm in length. In addition, the stroller-like stroller is completely prohibited from entering the park. Disney in the United States also said that if you need to use a doll car, you can rent it with the park. If you stay in Disney for more than 2 days, the park also provides multi-day rental services for doll cars.


3. It is forbidden to carry bulk ice or dry ice
Many European and American passengers bring children to the park and are used to preparing their own ice buckets. However, from March 28th, Disneyland of the United States has announced that it is forbidden to carry bulk ice or dry ice. The garden said that if there is really ice demand, you can get a cup of ice cubes by asking for the demand in the Quick-Service location.

The US Disney has also announced that the world’s first Star Wars theme park will be officially opened on May 31 this year in Disney, California, USA. The second Star Wars theme park will be on August 29th at the Walt Disney World in Orlando. The opening of the Hollywood Studios.

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