The Weekend Is More Harmful Than The Day And Night

Many people work day and night, thinking about the weekend to make up for it, but a new study in the United States found that it is difficult to make up for the health problems caused by day and night, and may even be more harmful than the lack of sustained sleep.


Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported on March 1 that researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder published a paper in the American Journal of Contemporary Biology on February 28th that they recruited 36 people aged 18 to 39. Healthy volunteers and divided these people into three groups. The first group guarantees 9 hours of adequate sleep for 9 consecutive nights; the second group sleeps 5 hours per night for 9 consecutive nights; the first group sleeps 5 hours per night for the first 5 days, sleeps for two days in the middle, and sleeps every night for the last two days. 5 hours.


The results showed that both the second group and the third group had increased nocturnal consumption, weight gain, and decreased insulin sensitivity; the two groups in the two groups had a slight improvement in the two days of unlimited sleep, such as nighttime eating, but Once the rest of the sleep mode is restored, these improvements will disappear immediately.

The study also found that some of the health test results in the final supplement group were even worse than the continuous day and night group.


How do you quickly fall asleep scientifically?

The usual and natural mindset is very important. Insomnia does not have to worry too much, the more nervous, the more forced to fall asleep, the result is counterproductive. Some people are nervous about insomnia for many days. They think that the brain can’t get rest, not short-lived, and sick. Excessive anxiety caused by such fears is more harmful to sleep itself and its health.


Sleep induction. Listen to dull and rhythmic sounds, such as train sounds, howling, dripping sounds, and tapes of spring rain, or music hypnotic sounds that help sleep, and can also be used to create a conditioning that induces sleep.


Drinking hot milk method. Drink a cup of sugared hot milk before going to bed. According to research, it can increase the secretion of insulin in the human body, increase the entry of tyrosine into brain cells, and promote the secretion of serotonin from the brain. At the same time, milk contains trace amounts of morphine-like substances, which have calming and calming effects. Thereby promoting the body to fall asleep.

Hope everyone can have a good sleep!