The World Peace Forum Will Hold A Special Videoconference On Topics Such As Avoiding A New Cold War

On the afternoon of June 12, the world peace forum held an online press conference, announcing that the special video conference of the world peace forum 2020 will be held on June 16, solstice 17, Beijing time.

Secretary-general of world peace BBS, tsinghua university, dean of the school of international relations, yan, this special meeting will be to “the outbreak era: China and the world” as the theme, the former politicians from multiple countries and think-tank, head and strategists will focus on the new security challenges facing the world today human discussion, put forward the constructive plan, efforts to promote security cooperation of the international community.


Yan xuetong said that with the local epidemic under effective control, a series of urgent issues under the “post-epidemic era” have begun to face the world. Unilateralism, protectionism and extremism are on the rise instead of falling; The international security order, the nuclear order, the trade order, the investment order, and the scientific and technological exchange order have all been severely impacted. Relations between major countries are out of balance and complex contradictions continue to ferment. Strategic competition is upgrading in all respects. Competition in science and technology is becoming the focus of new international competition. The rise of digital economy is changing the field, form and content of traditional geopolitical game. The strategic conflict in the cyber world produces great uncertainty for the future direction of mankind.

The special video conference will cover four topics, including “the world order after the epidemic crisis”, “artificial intelligence in the post-epidemic era”, “Asia-Pacific security after the epidemic crisis” and “China-Us relations in the post-epidemic era”, said Yan.

According to introducing, which include former Australian prime minister Kevin rudd, Thailand’s former deputy prime minister, raj, former south Korean foreign minister Kim, India’s former national security advisor menon, the former vice minister he yafei, China’s foreign ministry, fu ying, director of the center for strategic and security studies of tsinghua university, Mr. Schwarzman graham allison, a professor at Harvard University, tsinghua university academy dean xue, a large number of domestic and foreign leaders, experts and scholars will revolve around the theme, on how to continue to deal with the lingering effects of the epidemic, control power differences, avoid the emergence of a new cold war, promote the benign changes in the international order, And how to build an open and progressive international system for communication and dialogue.

The World Peace Forum was founded in 2012. It is the first annual high-level, unofficial international security forum in China hosted by Tsinghua University, co-organized by the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs and hosted by the Institute of International Relations of Tsinghua University. Due to the epidemic, the ninth World Peace Forum is expected to be held in 2021.