Tokyo Is Marking The One-year Countdown To The Paralympics With The Lighting Of Landmark Buildings

August 24, 2020

Several major stadiums and landmarks in Tokyo will be lit up Friday night to mark the one-year countdown to the postponed Paralympics, the Tokyo Organizing Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said in separate statements Tuesday.

Tokyo metropolitan government said in a statement, to participate in the activities of lights venues including the Tokyo metropolitan gymnasium, table tennis competition held at football games for the disabled body, a volleyball match in Tokyo has a gym, a swimming competition of the aquatic centre and the Olympic park in Tokyo Olympic tower, Tokyo city hall, there is a light activities will be carried out. The buildings will shine in the red, blue and green colors of the Paralympic Games on The night of The 24th.


In addition to cheering athletes, the lights are also a tribute to the health workers who are fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tokyo Metropolitan government said.

The city’s iconic Sky Tree Tower will be lit up for a week from Friday, with red, blue and green colors, as well as a variety of commemorative slogans, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee said in a statement.

In addition to the lighting event, the Tokyo Metropolitan government will release videos of athletes and hold an exhibition of posters and cartoons about the Paralympics at city Hall. The IPC will also release a series of videos under the theme “Waiting for Greatness”, which will be subtitled in six languages, including Chinese.

On July 23, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Organizing committee of the Olympic Games held a similar lighting event and a simple ceremony in the New National Arena to mark the one-year countdown to the Olympic Games, but no similar live event will be held for the Paralympic Countdown.

The postponed paralympic games in Tokyo will be held on August 24, 2021 solstice on September 5, 2021.